Reality of Coding Ninjas Placement cell

One of the main highlights of Coding Ninjas online courses is its amazing placement cell. So, Here I am going to tell you a detailed review about Coding Ninjas placement cell. I am connected with Coding Ninjas from past 3 years and I have taken 4 courses from it, a teaching assistant internship and also it’s campus ambassador internship. So, as per my experience with the placement cell, here is my complete review.


I have divided my experience in terms of pros and cons. So, first I will tell you what are the best things that I found here.

Pros of Coding Ninjas’ Placement Cell

  1. One of the major highlights is that jobs on the Coding Ninjas’ placement cell get updated daily. Means almost everyday you will find some new jobs on the portal.
  2. You can apply to as many jobs as you wish. There is no capping system like of our college’s placement cells. But you should be eligible on the criteria specified on the site.
  3. Coding Ninjas have many jobs of their own to provide an opportunity to their students to work with them. There are various roles like Teaching Assistant, Content Developer etc. in which anyone can apply regardless of branch and year of graduation.
  4.  Although we can apply to Teaching Assistant internship of Coding Ninjas by completing the respective course from Coding Ninjas only. But whenever there is more demand of TA or there is launch of any new course, then all the students who have taken any of the course become eligible to apply for its TA role.
  5. Almost all the companies job profiles provide descent package. About 90% of the jobs are above 5 lakhs per annum.

Cons of Coding Ninjas Placement Cell

  1. As I have mentioned that the portal gets updated with new jobs daily, but it has a drawback that each job remains active for only at most 3-4 days. Means if you checked the portal after a week, then you might have missed some great opportunities.
  2. Another major drawback of this cell is that you can’t apply to the jobs available on the cell, until you have done the related course with that field from Coding Ninjas. Means if I have done a C++ course from there, then I can’t apply to the jobs asking for the Java proficiency. Although there are some exceptions.
  1. Almost 80% of the jobs and internships available on Coding Ninjas Placement Cell is from fresh startups having 10 to 500 employees. You will not find tech giants like google, amazon here. Although, you can find some big names occasionally.
  2. Fourth point, which I want the company should look at is the user experience on the portal. Means once you apply on a job, it will move to the “applied jobs” section of the portal. And remains it there as it is forever. You will never get any update on the portal about selection or rejection. However, if your profile gets shortlisted, you will get a mail from Coding Ninjas for the further process. But the company should also inform those who are not selected, so that they stop waiting and move ahead.
  3. Once applied for a job profile of Coding Ninjas company, you can never apply on it again. You will get only one chance to take the test for Teaching Assistant or Content Developer role. Once applied, it will move to the “applied jobs” sections permanently.


These were all the pros and cons that I have noticed till now. Overall, I can say that the placement cell of Coding Ninjas is good and improving day by day. It will ensure you that you should have a descent job or internship after the completion of the related course. So, just focus on the course and complete it sincerely. And if you have not taken the course or you are thinking to take one, you can use JCHOK as Coding Ninjas coupon code at the time of checkout to get some additional discount on the course prices. This was my complete review of Coding Ninjas placement cell. Hope it will help you in finding your way. All the best for your future…