Coding Ninjas Online Course Review

You must already heard of Coding Ninjas. That’s why you are here on this page. But do you know why their courses are so popular. In this Coding Ninjas online course review I will cover everything about Coding Ninjas courses.

I have done 3 courses and a Teaching Assistant internship in Coding Ninjas. So, I would like to mention this at the starting of this review that these are my own thoughts and everything I will tell you here is from my own experience. Now, let’s start this Coding Ninjas review.

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About Coding Ninjas

Coding Ninjas is an institute providing online programming courses. You can learn many types of courses here ranging from basic java to Machine Learning. Coding Ninjas claims itself to be the best programming and software training institute in India and it does mean it. It provides courses in every budget, from 4,000 to 1.5 lakhs. The popularity of Coding Ninjas is increasing in India day by day. Earlier it provides both offline and online courses. But now, Coding Ninjas is focusing only on online courses. Headquarter of Coding Ninjas is at Delhi and it is a 100% Indian brand owned by Ankush Singla sir. I am going to provide a detailed Coding Ninjas online course review as I am connected with Coding Ninjas from past 2 years. Don’t worry, I am also a normal student like you and everything I mention here will be genuine.

coding ninjas online course review

How Much Does Coding Ninjas Cost?

Coding Ninjas offers some free courses which they called Free Trial of their real courses. But they provide complete support of all types in their free courses. You will get Teaching Assistant support, Codezen access and even a certificate of completion also. But these courses does not provide complete content.

You will get the full access to the complete course only after paying the fees. The Coding Ninjas courses are a bit expensive as compared to its competition. But they worth the money they charge due to the amazing features and support they offer. If I genuinely answer the question that How much does Coding Ninjas cost, so my answer would be Coding Ninjas courses are free of cost !! Surprised, I can tell you how. I can prove this from an example of my own. I purchased a course worth 10,000 from Coding Ninjas last year. Then I completed that course with my full dedication and scored 95% in it. After completion of that course, I applied for a Teaching Assistant internship through its placement cell. And guess what, I got selected as a TA of Competitive programming. The internship was just like a paid revision for me.

I got a stipend of 20,000 after completion of that internship. So, on purchasing a 10k course, I learnt a lot, got amazing goodies, get my first paid internship of my life and had a net earning of 20k. So, it costs me completely free as it is just like an investment. An investment to upskill yourself !

How Much Do Other Learning Sites Cost?

There are many other comparatively cheaper options available online like Udemy, Coursera etc. I am not saying that these courses are bad. Udemy/Coursera courses are also good but with limitations. You can not get the content in Hindi. All those courses will be in complete American/British english which many of the students do not find comfortable to learn. Moreover, those courses do not provide doubt support. Neither they provide Placement Assistant after the completion of your course.

So, I can say that there are definitely cheaper options available online. But you should go with those options only if you can’t afford Coding Ninjas courses. As these courses are the best possible sources if you want to learn programming in India. And these are not my words, but Coding Ninjas itself claims that they are the best Programming and Software Training Institute in India. I am not forcing you to take the courses, its just my recommendation that you should checkout the Free Trial of the courses if you wish to learn any technology related to programming.

What are the classes like?

Classes of Coding Ninjas are not live. They provided recorded videos by their best faculties graduated from IITs, IIITs and Stanford. But they provide real time doubt support across their courses. You can ask any kind of doubts related to some video lecture or assignment from your Teaching Assistant.

In my opinion, recorded videos are better that live classes, if you are getting real time doubt resolution feature. Generally, much time got wasted in live classes and the faculty can not provide his best lecture each time. There are possibilities that the Instructor miss some topic or got stuck somewhere, which is not so in the prerecorded videos. Recorded lectures are also convenient as anyone can attend it anytime as per his comfort.

Which courses are offered by Coding Ninjas?

There are various courses provided by Coding Ninjas. They have divided their courses in 4 main categories based on the type and prices. Following are all the types-

Foundation, Algorithmic & Advanced courses:

Foundation courses are designed for beginners. We do not required any previous coding skills to take these courses. Everything will we taught from scratch to expert. There are 6 types of Foundation courses provided by Coding Ninjas:

Data & Development Courses:

These are advanced courses which includes all the modern technologies like Machine Learning, Web Development etc. Basic programming skills will be prerequisite for these courses. Coding Ninjas provides 5 such courses which are- 

Career Track Courses:

These courses are basically combination of foundation and data & development courses. No prerequisites to join these courses and it will train you from very basics to advanced. These courses are a bit costlier than the above two types. But Coding Ninjas provides 25%-50% cashback on purchase of these courses. There are 6 Career Track courses available in Coding Ninjas-

Premium Courses:

These are specialization courses recently launched by Coding Ninjas, which are most costly of all the above courses. But these courses provide some exclusive features like mock interviews, Career counselling sessions, profile building workshops etc. There are 6 Premium courses provided by Coding Ninjas-

If you wish to know any of these courses in detail, you can check out the courses section of their website-

Pros and Cons of the courses

Now, finally on our main Coding Ninjas course review section. I have done 3 courses from Coding Ninjas. But among these course, I found Competitive Programming one the best. So, in this Coding Ninjas review, I will focus mainly on this course. But the review will be of all the courses because the pattern and features of all the courses are basically the same.

Nothing is perfect in the world. Same applies to these courses also, it also have some positive as well as negative points. So, first of all, I would like to provide 14 pros and cons of the Coding Ninjas Online courses-

Pros of the courses:

  • All the courses are well structures by the experts from IITs, Stanford, NITs etc.
  • Doubt resolution of any type of queries through chatting or Google meet.
  • Amazing practice platforms like Codezen and CodeStudio.
  • Active Placement Cell assuring internship/jobs after course completion.
  • Free trial of any course without asking any bank details.
  • 100% course fees refund within 7 days of starting of the course.
  • Wildcraft goodies with every course.
  • Premium Hirist subscription after course completion.

Cons of the courses:

  • Sometimes doubt resolution takes time.
  • Courses are a bit expensive than the competition.
  • Lecture videos will be available for only 3 months after course completion.
  • Videos can’t be downloaded permanently.
  • To apply for a job/internship in their placement cell, you should have done the related course from Coding Ninjas.
coding ninjas competitive programming course review

Competitive Programming course review

I took this course about an year ago and completed it with 95% score. It was an amazing course and covers almost all the concepts related to competitive programming. But you should know the basics as it is not a foundation course. The course was a bit slow at the beginning and much faster by the end. So, you should devote proper time to the courses in order to save yourself by penalty. We have to submit the assignments under fixed deadlines. However, we can submit it after the deadline also, but 25% marks will be deducted as penalty for late submission.

The teaching assistant support was good, but not as great as now. At that time, there was no call support. All the doubts need to be solved by chatting on their portal only. Although, we can call the Teaching Assistant by asking his phone number, but it was on their choice and comfort.

The Placement cell was the same as now and I got the first paid internship of my life from this placement cell only. I applied for the Teaching Assistant of Competitive programming through their placement cell. Their was a written test of 3 hours having questions similar to what we have solved in the course. I got the offer letter about 45 days after applying. But it was also a great experience to help other students to solve those problems, which I solved myself few months back. It was a kind of revision for me, in fact a paid revision.

I will strongly recommend you to go with the course and if you are even a bit confused, then I would recommend you to take a free trial before.

The Bottom Line

I tried my best to cover all the aspects of the company in this Coding Ninjas review. Hope it will prove helpful to you. As conclusion, I would like to say that nothing comes free of cost in this world. If you want something, you need to pay for it. And in this Coding Ninjas online course review, I clearly explained how theses courses are an investment for your future.

So, if you are willing to learn any programming stuff. Choose Coding Ninjas if you want to go with the best. Take a free trial if you are still confused. Moreover, if you decided to go with any of the courses, I would advice you to use this Coding Ninjas coupon code to get any of the course at maximum possible discount. At the end, I would like to clarify that this review is not anyway sponsored by Coding Ninjas. These all are my own opinions and thoughts. All the best for future !!