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After getting a lot of appreciation and positive response from everyone, Coding Ninjas is back again with its Scholarship Test. If you somehow missed it last time, this is the chance to grab it again. No matter if you are a student or some working professional, you can take the test and grab even a 100% discount on all their courses.

Coding Ninjas Scholarship coupon

What is the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Admission Test (CNSAT) ?

Coding Ninjas provides the best programming training courses in India. But due to financial reasons, everyone won’t be able to afford their courses. Hence, in order to fulfill the dreams of the needy ones, Coding Ninjas conducts its Scholarship Admission Test (CNSAT) to provide their courses to the talented students at great discounts, even 100% off.

The main goal of the company is to provide their courses to those students who are financially weak, but brilliant. Those who can best use their resources if they get the chance to avail them. So, if you are financially weak, or due to some reasons are not able to afford Coding Ninjas courses, then this Scholarship test is for you. Just give your 100% in the test, grab great discounts and take your first step towards your dream.

Scholarship Coupon

How to apply for the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Admission Test (CNSAT) ?

You need to follow the following steps to apply for the test:

  • Make an account on the Coding Ninjas official website.
  • Then Click on “Register Now” on the official page of Coding Ninjas provided HERE.
  • Now fill your basic details on the page provided on the next step.
  • After that apply the scholarship test coupon code SCTOFVCYUJ in the space provided, you will get 51% instant discount.
  • Now pay the remaining fees with your convenient mode of payment and you are done.
  • The most important step remains which is to remember the test date to appear for the scholarship test.

Coding Ninjas Scholarship test

What are the benefits of the Scholarship Test ?

Assured Scholarship: All the students who register for the Scholarship Test will get at least 10% of assured scholarship which can go up to 100%.

Coding Interviews Preparation Book: Get a free hard-copy book worth INR 1,500 on enrollment of any of the course after availing the scholarship test.

Industrial Training Certificate: All the students who enroll for the courses from scholarship discount will get a Coding Ninjas certified training certificate.

Real Time Doubt Support: All the courses have real time doubt support, with more than 1000 Teaching Assistants available for your help always.

Amazing Faculties: The courses are taught by world class experienced faculties from companies like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft.

Placement Support: All the students who enroll for the courses from the scholarship test will get access to the Coding Ninjas Placement cell where 250+ companies are hiring actively.

Course Goodies: The students registering for the courses from the Scholarship Admission Test will be provided free course goodies which include a Wildcraft laptop bag, a Coding Ninjas T-Shirt and a laptop sticker.

coding ninjas goodies
Coding Ninjas Book
CN Certificate

What is the criteria for the scholarship discount ?

You will get discount depending upon your marks in the scholarship test. Those who get higher marks will get better rank and hence more discount. Moreover, a detailed distribution of discount with respect to marks are given below.

Discount criteria

Top 3 position holders will be provided 100% scholarship. Means they will get the course for free. After that, rank 4-10 will get 75% off on all the courses. Then all the students who are in to 5 percentage will be provided 50% discount and so on. Moreover, you can also avail Early bird discount with these scholarship discounts.

FAQ-Coding Ninjas coupon code
What is the duration of the Scholarship Test ?

This time the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Admission Test(CNSAT) is scheduled on 22nd and 23rd March 2022 from 9PM to 10PM. You can give the test on any day. But you won’t be able to attempt it on both days. So, give it after proper consideration of time and your availability. 

What is the Exam Pattern ?

Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test consists of 30 Aptitude-Based MCQs. There will be no negative marking. So, the one who gets higher marks will get a better rank, ties will be broken on the basis of submission time. That is, one who submitted the test before will be placed above in case of the same marks. You can attempt the previous Coding Ninjas Scholarship tests HERE. 

When will be the result declared ?

The result of the Scholarship Test will be declared after 3 days of the exam date. Your account will automatically get a coupon of the respective amount depending on your rank. You have to purchase the course within a month after which the coupon will expire.Moreover, you will get updated of your results on your registered email and WhatsApp number.

After giving a Scholarship Test, after how much time will I be eligible to give it again ?

You can give the scholarship test each time it gets conducted. There is no 6 months or 12 months limit. However, you will need to pay the fees each time you attempt it. You can use the coupon code each time to get 50% off on the scholarship test registration fees.

Which courses are eligible for the discount ?

You can get Scholarship discounts on all the popular courses present on the official website of Coding Ninjas. These are as follows:
Data Structures & Algorithms – C++
Data Structures & Algorithms – Java
Python Data Structures & Algorithms
Data Structures & Algorithms – C++ LIVE
Full-stack MERN Web Development
Web Development – Full-stack Node.js
Web Development – React.js
Competitive Programming
Data Science & Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Aptitude Preparation
Product-Based Companies Course
Service-Based Companies Course
Job Switch Program
Operating System
System Design
Android Development with Kotlin

What is the least discount will I get on giving the Scholarship test ?

If you attempt the test, you will get at least a 10% discount. Moreover, you can even get the course for free if you get a 100% Scholarship. Top 3 performers of the Scholarship Test will be provided a 100% discount on any of the courses.

How many courses can I purchase from a Scholarship ?

You will be eligible for a discount on a single course after attempting one test. However, you can attempt the test again next season to avail the discount on some other course. Or you can simply create another account from a different email to get a discount on two courses simultaneously.

Can I get a refund of the registration fees of the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Admission Test (CNSAT) ? 

The Scholarship Test registration fees are non-refundable in any case. You will not get any refund of the fees once paid.

How to prepare for the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test ?

You just need to prepare the basic quantitative aptitude for the test. There won’t be any coding or verbal questions. You can refer to any book or online resource to prepare the aptitude. I think one week would be enough to prepare for the test.

What if there is no scholarship test going on ?

If there is no scholarship test going on, or you do not wish to give the test, you can still purchase the courses with discounts. You can use Coding Ninjas Coupon code to get FLAT 12% discount on all courses.