I’m Vaibhav Dixit, Owner of this Site.

Hey ! My name is Vaibhav Dixit. I created this website to help my fellow students by providing reviews and coupons of Coding Ninjas. I am associated with Coding Ninjas from past 3 years. Moreover, I have completed 5 courses and one Teaching Assistant internship from here. I also became Campus Ambassador of my college.

I have referred 900+ students to Coding Ninjas till date. Means these students have purchased courses of Coding Ninjas using my coupon code. I have provided complete guidance to these students telling them all the positive and negative factors. You can find “Vaibhav Dixit” on second position in Campus Ambassador Leaderboard on Coding Ninjas official website.

My journey as Competitive Programmer started in my school time, when I was in 11 standard. Yes, it was “Hello World!”

In my school, various coding contests were conducted almost every month. The questions were not much difficult, but they test our thinking skills. I never won those contests, but each time I tried my best. From those contests, my passion for Competitive Programming grew.

In college also I opted Computer Science due to my passion only. Here I started my coding journey from Hakerrank. After solving enough problems on Hakerrank and when I felt that I can compete with other coders at national level, I joined Codechef. There I begin with Long Challenge which is a 10 day monthly contest conducted by Codechef. At that Contest, I got 10k+ rank but I was happy as it was my first national level contest. After that I participated in many Contests and my performance gradually increased from under 10k to under top 1000.

In my college Coding Community conducts an yearly coding contest called “Coders Cup”. I won that contest in my first year after which I was selected as a member in that coding community.

Coding Ninjas Certificate

When I was in second year, I purchased a Competitive Programming Course from Coding Ninjas. One of my senior recommended this to me. He told me that it will help me in mastering advanced topic of competitive programming, and it did the same. From this course, I learnt very advanced topics like fenwick trees, Computational Geometry, Advanced Graphs etc. which helped me a lot in upgrading my skills to a next level.

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