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If you have any doubt regarding Coding Ninjas online courses, you can contact me. Just mail me on my personal email [email protected].

Don’t worry, I am also a b.tech student like you and I am in contact with Coding Ninjas from past 1 year. I have done 3 courses from here since then. After the completion of my competitive programming course, I got an internship as a Teaching Assistant of Competitive programming. It was a paid internship. Hence, I earned good stipend also.

So, you can ask any doubt regarding Coding Ninjas online courses or it’s Teaching Assistant internship which they provide after the course completion.

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You can also contact Coding Ninjas

Use any of the following social media handles to contact to Coding Ninjas. Or you can mail them on [email protected]

There is also a contact section on Coding Ninjas official website. You can ask any normal query from their real time chat support. They can guide you related to any common doubts regarding course or features.

But to know the reality, or what will you really get, you can contact me as I know all the reality of their courses. Which features are best and which still need improvements.

But one thing I can definitely say that Coding Ninjas is the best programming training institute in India. And I can say this from my own experience. You can read my detailed Coding Ninjas online course review for complete overview.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund of the course?

Yes, you can get 100% refund of the course if you apply for refund within 7 days of course start date. Otherwise, you will still get a refund with some deductions.

Are Coding Ninjas courses worth the money they charge?

Coding Ninjas courses are fully worth the money they charge. You can check out my detailed review to know more.

Will we get Coding Ninjas goodies with all the courses?

You will get Coding Ninjas goodies worth Rs 2000 on purchase of any of their course. It includes a Wildcraft laptop bag, a Coding Ninjas T-shirt and a Laptop Sticker.